Mössbauer man—Stan makes his mark in physics


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Physical limitations make Mössbauer-based gamma beam technology impractical.
Papers make clear that the Brookhaven experiment with Rustad was also the subject of Stan's Ph.D.…
He acted as a gadfly to spark the formation of needed resources like conferences and publications
Stan was honored at the 4th Nassau Mössbauer Symposium, held in Garden City, NY in January 2006.
Stanley L. Ruby will hold a nuclear-research fellowship at the Israel Atomic Energy Commission's…
This could have been the first time they had met since the events of 1957-58. There is no record of…

Here is the Stanley Ruby obituary from Hyperfine Interactions, as downloaded from the…



Selected Image Date Publication Author(s) Title Comments
* December 1974 Journal de Physique Colloques S. L. Ruby MÖSSBAUER EXPERIMENTS WITHOUT CONVENTIONAL SOURCES

Stan suggests use of synchrotron radiation for Mössbauer work

* 1977 AIP Conference Proceedings Number 38 Gilbert J. Perlow - Editor Workshop on New Directions in Mössbauer Spectroscopy (Argonne 1977)

Proceedings of important Mössbauer conference at Argonne in 1977 includes two papers by Stan and his part in a panel discussion on uses of synchrotron radiation; also a retrospective talk on the Mössbauer Effect by Harry Lipkin.

* May 19, 2003 Stan Ruby Notebooks Stanley Ruby FrauenLetter.nb

Stan writes in 2003 to Hans Frauenfelder, a colleague from the old Mössbauer days, to try to interest him in working together on an experiment to test Stan's idea of a Vacuum Drag Force, which he thinks may explain the so-called Pioneer Anomaly. Frauenfelder's reply is not available.

* 2014 Chiang Tsai-Chien and Wong Tang-Fong, translator Madame Wu Chien-Shiung The First Lady of Physics Research

Originally published in Chinese in 1996. Stan Ruby was interviewed and is cited as a source. Wu's involvement in the Rustad-Ruby affair is documented.