beta spectrum experiment

Selected Image Date Publication Author(s) Citation title Comments
October 1943 Reviews of Modern Physics Emil Jan Konopinski Beta-Decay
October 1, 1948 Physical Review R. D. Albert and C. S. Wu The Beta-Spectrum of S35

Representative of many beta spectrum studies Wu did with collaborators throughout this period

January 15, 1949 Physical Review C. S. Wu and R. D. Albert The Beta-Ray Spectra of Cu64

Thin source obtained with soap bubble process obtains result expected by Fermi theory, clearing away earlier experimental confusion caused by thick sources. 

January 1, 1950 Physical Review P. Macklin, L. Feldman, L. Lidofsky, and C. S. Wu The Beta-Spectrum of Ca45
October 1950 Reviews of Modern Physics Chien-Shiung Wu Recent Investigation of the Shapes of Beta-Ray Spectra

Invited paper at APS New York 1950 summarized Wu's beta-decay experimental work.

September 15, 1952 Physical Review C. S. Wu, B. M. Rustad, V. Perez-Mendez, and L. Lidofsky The Beta-Spectrum of He6

Used Columbia spectrometer to calculate revised comparative lifetime of He6


Wu overiew of the coupling constant problem. 
Covers recalculation of He6 endpoint. 
Cites prepublication R-R work via private communication.

September 15, 1956 Physical Review A. Schwarzschild, B. M. Rustad, and C. S. Wu Decay of A41

Note the three authors
. Rustad remained in the fold before and after the reversal of the Rustad-Ruby experiment. Schwarzchild would later collaborate with Wu on the Critical Examination report.

October 1, 1956 Physical Review O. C. Kistner, A. Schwarzschild, and B. M. Rustad Decay of A35

Finds that A35 is a suitable source for identifying the Fermi invariant in the beta- decay interaction by an angular correlation experiment. Later, such an experiment by Hammersfeld was a key piece of evidence in the RR reversal.

September 1957 Proceedings of the Rehovot Conference on Nuclear Structure E. J. Konopinski Theory of the Classical Beta-Decay Measurements

Beta decay theorist E.J. Konopinski frames the experimental conundrum.

July 1, 1959 Reviews of Modern Physics C. S. Wu Parity Experiments in Beta Decays

Wu evaluates the history of “classical” (pre-parity) beta-decay experiments in this 1959 review.

1960 C. S. Wu The Neutrino

Chapter in Wolfgang Pauli memorial volume edited by Fierz and Weisskopf shows Wu's summary of recoil experiment history in 1960, citing her CU-172 report.

August 1967 Physics Today Lee Grodzins The book

Brookhaven/MIT physicist Grodzins reviews the classic 1966 work by Wu and Moszkowski,

1996 Monographs and Texts in Physics and Astronomy C.S. Wu and S.A. Moszkowski Beta Decay

Wu's readable textbook about Beta Decay includes a historical review, including a more distant review of the He6 events