Leon Lidofsky

Selected Image Date Publication Author(s) Citation title Comments
* January 1, 1950 Physical Review P. Macklin, L. Feldman, L. Lidofsky, and C. S. Wu The Beta-Spectrum of Ca45
* September 15, 1952 Physical Review C. S. Wu, B. M. Rustad, V. Perez-Mendez, and L. Lidofsky The Beta-Spectrum of He6

Used Columbia spectrometer to calculate revised comparative lifetime of He6

* October 1963 Physics Today Luke C. L. Yuan, Chien-Shiung Wu, and L. J. Lidofsky Nuclear Physics
* March 1, 2001 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Leon Lidofsky CHIEN-SHIUNG WU 29 May 1912-16 February 1997

Lidofsky's appreciation of Wu's career does not address the Rustad-Ruby affair, but is nonetheless illuminating.