Fermi's Theory of Beta-Decay

Authors(s):E. J. Konopinski Publication:Reviews of Modern Physics Publication Date:July 1, 1955 Publisher: American Physical Society Citation:RevModPhys.27.3.254 Link:https://doi.org/10.1103/RevModPhys.27.254

In his theory beta decay, Enrico Fermi at once displayed his characteristically simple directness in putting his finger on the essential point concerning a given process of nature, and, at the same time, his broad comprehension of how it must be fitted into the intricate theoretical structure of the physical universe which is steadily being developed.

However, much more straightforward evidence has been provided by directional correlation measurements on He6 and Ne19. The first of these, He6, undergoes a rapid transition with unit spin change, hence must be generated by hT or hA . The observed directional correlations are very definitely characteristic of hT. The Ne19 correlations equally definitely prefer hS over hA.