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Basic Concept in Physics Is Reported Upset in Tests; Conservation of Parity Law in Nuclear Theory Challenged by Scientists at Columbia and Princeton

Authors(s):Harold M. Schmeck, Jr. Publication:New York Times Publication Date:January 16, 1957 Publisher: New York Times Citation: Link:New York Times

Experiments shattering a fundamental concept of nuclear physics were reported yesterday by Columbia University.

The idea that destoyed this principle originated with two theoretical physicists, Dr. Tsung Dao Lee or Columbia and Dr. Chen Ning Yang of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princton, N.J. They suggested certain definitive experiments in papers on the subject: "Is Parity Conserved in Weak Interactions?"


Two sets of experiments suggested by the two theorists showed that this parity was not conserved. A team of four Columbia physicists in collaboration with a member of the Institute for Advanced Study and a team at the National Bureau of Standards carried out the work.


Scientists contriubting to the work in addition to Dr. Lee and Dr. Yang are listed by Columbia as Dr. Ernest Ambler, Bureau of Standards; Dr. Richard Gavin [sic] of Columbia's Watson Scientific Laboratory; D. D. Hoppes, physicist of the Bureau of Standards; Associate Prof. Leon M. Lederman of Columbia and  Associate Prof. Chien Shiumg Wu of Columbia.

Three of the scietists, Dr. Lee, Dr. Yang and Dr. Wu, were born in China. Dr. Wu is considered the world's leading woman physicist. Dr. Lee is 30 years old, Dr. Yang, 34. All three are married and have children.