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Physics Today Double Beta Decay Appears To Confirm Existing Theory
Physics Today Weak Interactions

This is the meeting that Stan attended, and he took the family on a memorable vacation to the Smoky Mountains.

March 1, 1947 New York Times William L. Laurence Atomic Laboratory on Long Island To Be a Mighty Research Center; ATOM LABORATORY A RESEARCH CENTER
June 22, 1947 New York Times Benjamin Fine Laboratories for the Atomic Age
December 1952 Physics Today New Research Facilities
January 16, 1957 New York Times Harold M. Schmeck, Jr. Basic Concept in Physics Is Reported Upset in Tests; Conservation of Parity Law in Nuclear Theory Challenged by Scientists at Columbia and Princeton

Big media splash by Columbia on parity violation discoveries. Page One above the fold. Franklin remembers they stopped classes for the announcement.

July 1957 Physics Today Nuclear Structure
January 1958 Physics Today Harry J. Lipkin Rehovoth Conference on Nuclear Structure

Report by Harry Lipkin on the pivotal 1957 Rehovot Conference on Nuclear Structure, where several presenters questioned the validity of Rustad-Ruby. The full conference proceedings edited by Lipkin, including his irreverent daily newsletter, was also published the same month.

March 1958 Physics Today Annual APS-AAPT Meeting

Report on the APS meeting where Rustad and Ruby gave their post-deadline paper.

December 1963 Physics Today Alan J. Bearden The Mössbauer effect
April 1991 Physics Today Barbara Goss Levi Many Nations Build the Latest in Synchrotron Light Sources