Electron-Neutrino Angular Correlation

Authors(s):H. Frauenfelder Publication:Proceedings of the Rehovot Conference on Nuclear Structure Publication Date:September 13, 1957 Publisher: North-Holland Publishing Citation:Proceedings of the Rehovoth Conference on Nuclear Structure, Held At the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovoth, September 8-14, 1957. Edited by H.J. Lipkin. Link:WorldCat

The work with which this report is concerned was done by the Illinois group: J.S. Allen, P. Stähelin, W.B. Herrmannsfeldt and D.R. Mason.


Fig. 4, prepared by P. Stähelin, shows all presently available experimental results, together with the theoretically expected values for various pairs of interactions. Fig. 4 shows immediately how confused the situation is.No single assignment explains all the results. The possibilities are open: (1) The beta decay interaction is VA and the beautiful He6 experiment is wrong, (2) The interaction is ST and one discards the careful A35 measurement, (3) All results are correct and the electrons, represented by He6 and N, possess ST; the positrons (Ne19 and A35) VA. None of these three alternatives is very appealing; the third the least of all. Further experiments are urgently needed to resolve the puzzle.