Authors(s):O. KOFOED-HANSEN and A. WINTHER Publication:Mathematical-Physical Announcements Publication Date:1956 Publisher: The Royal Danish Society of Sciences Citation:Mat. Fys. Medd. Dan. Vid. Selsk. 30, no. 20 (1956) Link:PDF

Recent experimental data on superallowed transitions are used in a rede­termination of the decay coupling constants. It is suggested that the β-decay interaction may contain an admixture of vector coupling besides the usually adopted scalar and tensor interactions.

The improved accuracy in the experimental data on super­allowed β-transitions as well as the determination of several new ft-values for superallowed 0 —> 0 transitions permit a higher accuracy in the determination of the coupling constants in β-decay. We shall follow the same procedure as applied earlier. In the first section, we assume that no cross terms are present, which, according to recent recoil investigations, means that the β-interaction is a mixture of scalar and tensor coupling only. In the second part, we consider the evidence on the possible admixture of axial vector and, especially, vector interaction.