An Introduction to Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Authors(s):Leopold May and M. Blume Publication:Physics Today Publication Date:January 1973 Publisher: American Institute of Physics Citation:Physics Today 26, 1, 79 (1973) Link:

The development of Mossbauer spectroscopy has proceeded rapidly since the discovery in 1957 of recoil-free gamma radiation. The history of the technique is not unlike that of other discoveries in physics, particularly that of nuclear magnetic resonance. The initial discovery was in nuclear physics, and it rested quietly for a time. There followed a swift, even hysterical surge of interest in and exploitation of the phenomenon until, by 1962, it had been utilized in many different areas of physics, and the groundwork for the elaboration of the technique had been laid. The history of this period along with the early experimental and theoretical developments was well summarized by Hans Frauenfelder in his lecture-note and preprint volume published at that time. Since then the development of the technique has proceeded at a calmer, but still vigorous, pace. One still finds an occasional conference given over in its entirety to Mossbauer spectroscopy and indeed there continue to be developments that warrant such conferences. On the whole, however, the results of experiments using the technique are more likely to be discussed at conferences on the subject under investigation than in special technique-centered sessions.