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Physics Today David S. Lieberman and Edgar Lüscher The Mössbauer effect: A conference report

Stan presented paper at the first big Mössbauer conference. He encountered Wu in Urbana for first time since 1958. Conference organized by Frauenfelder and Swerdlow. Lipkin was a key participant. 

Physics Today Flinn receives Argonne Appointment Award
Physics Today Double Beta Decay Appears To Confirm Existing Theory
Physics Today Frederick Reines and Clyde L. Cowan Neutrino physics
Physics Today Lyle B. Borst The Brookhaven nuclear reactor
June 1948 Physics Today Howard A. Robinson The challenge of industrial physics
July 1948 Physics Today George Gamow The reality of neutrinos
June 1950 Physics Today Alvin M. Weinberg Physics at Oak Ridge
October 1951 Physics Today The American Physical Society
June 1, 1952 Physics Today Walter Kidde Laboratories Established

Stan worked there between 1955-56.

December 1952 Physics Today New Research Facilities
August 1953 Physics Today Thomas H. Johnson The AEC's physics research program
July 1957 Physics Today Nuclear Structure
January 1958 Physics Today Harry J. Lipkin Rehovoth Conference on Nuclear Structure

Report by Harry Lipkin on the pivotal 1957 Rehovot Conference on Nuclear Structure, where several presenters questioned the validity of Rustad-Ruby. The full conference proceedings edited by Lipkin, including his irreverent daily newsletter, was also published the same month.

March 1958 Physics Today Annual APS-AAPT Meeting

Report on the APS meeting where Rustad and Ruby gave their post-deadline paper.

November 1958 Physics Today James S. Allen and Arthur H. Snell The Neutrino

Review of James Allen's 1958 book highlights his account of the beta decay experimental history.

April 1959 Physics Today Stephen F. Jacobs Physics in Israel

1958 survey of scientific institutions in Israel by a visiting American scientist.

October 1960 Physics Today T. D. Lee Elementary particles
November 1960 Physics Today Alexander Langsdorf Living and working at Harwell
January 1962 Physics Today S. W. Herwald Basic research in industry: Status symbol or necessity?
May 1962 Physics Today Luke C. L. Yuan, Chien-Shiung Wu, L. Marton, C. Marton, and H. H. Barschall Nuclear Physics, Part A
October 1963 Physics Today Luke C. L. Yuan, Chien-Shiung Wu, and L. J. Lidofsky Nuclear Physics
December 1963 Physics Today Alan J. Bearden The Mössbauer effect
November 1964 Physics Today By Leon M. Lederman Observations in high-energy physics
August 1965 Physics Today Marvin Fox
February 1966 Physics Today History was made at Columbia
March 1968 Physics Today Gloria B. Lubkin Visit to Argonne—II: Solid-State, Atomic and Nuclear Physics
May 1968 Physics Today D. Allan Bromley Twenty years of physics: The nucleus
September 1968 Physics Today William W. Havens Nuclear research as a source of technology
October 1968 Physics Today Werner Heisenberg Otto Hahn, Discoverer of Nuclear Fission, Dies
October 1968 Physics Today Ralph A. Alpher and Robert Herman Gamow Dies; Nuclear and Astrophysicist Was Popular Writer
December 1969 Physics Today Herman Feshbach and Victor F. Weisskopf DeShalit of Weizmann Institute Dies at 42
January 1973 Physics Today Leopold May and M. Blume An Introduction to Mössbauer Spectroscopy
April 1, 1976 Physics Today C. S. Wu The state of US physics—1976

Wu was President of the American Physical Society in 1975-76. This is her state of the profession.

April 1979 p G. K. Shenoy, F. E. Wagner, and H. Hollis Wickman Mössbauer Isomer Shifts
June 1983 Physical Review Arthur Bienenstock and Herman Winick Synchrotron radiation research—An overview
April 1991 Physics Today Barbara Goss Levi Many Nations Build the Latest in Synchrotron Light Sources
January 2003 Physics Today Paul Söding and Albrecht Wagner Willibald Jentschke

Allen's collaborator at Illinois later was the founding director of DESY

September 2008 Mössbauer Spectroscopy Newsletter Jphn G. Stevens, et al. 50 Year of the Mössbauer Effect

Readable history of Mossbauser science with numerous Stan Ruby mentions