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Physics Today Weak Interactions

This is the meeting that Stan attended, and he took the family on a memorable vacation to the Smoky Mountains.

July 1957 Physics Today Nuclear Structure
January 1958 Physics Today Harry J. Lipkin Rehovoth Conference on Nuclear Structure

Report by Harry Lipkin on the pivotal 1957 Rehovot Conference on Nuclear Structure, where several presenters questioned the validity of Rustad-Ruby. The full conference proceedings edited by Lipkin, including his irreverent daily newsletter, was also published the same month.

March 1958 Physics Today Annual APS-AAPT Meeting

Report on the APS meeting where Rustad and Ruby gave their post-deadline paper.

December 1963 Physics Today Alan J. Bearden The Mössbauer effect
August 1967 Physics Today Isidor I. Rabi's Retirement Celebrated by Top Physicists
January 1969 Physics Today Irwin J. Gruverman and H. H. Wickman Mossbauer Effect Methodology, Vol. 3