Gopal Shenoy

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* October 2006 Hyperfine Interactions Gopal Shenoy, Gennadii Smirnov, and John Arthur Stanley Ruby, 1924-2004
* January 9, 2007 Hyperfine Interactions G. K. Shenoy Scientific legacy of Stanley Ruby

First presented at the 4th Nassau Mössbauer Symposium, January 2006, and later published in the conference proceedings.

* January 14, 2012 The Rudolf Mössbauer Story: His Scientific Work and Its Impact on Science and History G.K. Shenoy Dreams with Synchrotron Radiation
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* April 1979 p Mössbauer Isomer Shifts
* 2006 Physics in Perspective Catherine Westfall A Different Laboratory Tale: Fifty Years of Mössbauer Spectroscopy