Richard P. Feynman

The irreverent theoretical physicist wasn’t joking when he recalled the impetus for his aha moment in developing the V–A theory of weak interactions. It was a figure from the Rustad-Ruby paper.

Selected Image Date Publication Author(s) Citation title Comments
* January 1, 1958 Physical Review R. P. Feynman and M. Gell-Mann Theory of the Fermi Interaction

Feynman calls for He6 experiment to be reviewed
Classic VA paper beat Marshak-Sudarshan to publication.

* 1985 Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman Richard P. Feynman The 7 Percent Solution

pp. 226-234. 
Feynman’s aha moment was when he saw the figure in Rustad-Ruby

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* July 25, 1992 Current Science R. E. Marshak The Pain and Joy of a Major Scientific Discovery

Extensive excerpts are published because of their relevance to Rustad-Ruby experiment. Marshak reports that Wu remains strongly supportive of RR three months after her parity experiment.

* December 30, 2018 arXiv: History and Philosophy of Physics Neutrino, parity violation, V-A: a historical survey

Good historical detail on the importance of the reversal of the RR experiment to the development of VA theory, the key step on the road to the standard model.