Nuclear Physics, Part A

Authors(s):Luke C. L. Yuan, Chien-Shiung Wu, L. Marton, C. Marton, and H. H. Barschall Publication:Physics Today Publication Date:May 1962 Publisher: American Institute of Physics Citation:Physics Today 15, 5, 63 (1962) Link:

THIS is the fourth volume published in the series on Methods of Experimental Physics (see Physics Today, May 1960). It is the first of two parts devoted to "the principal methods and their relative merits for the measurement of a specific quantity in nuclear physics" where the term nuclear physics "comprises both the high- and low-energy regions". This is the aim stated in the preface by the distinguished editors. To prepare such a survey the editors have obtained the help of many well-known experts. The present volume covers principles and methods of particle detection, and the determination of charge, size, momentum, and energy. The particles and radiations studied in the low-energy region are discussed far more than those studied in high-energy physics.