nuclear physics

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July 1957 Physics Today Nuclear Structure
January 1958 Physics Today Harry J. Lipkin Rehovoth Conference on Nuclear Structure

Report by Harry Lipkin on the pivotal 1957 Rehovot Conference on Nuclear Structure, where several presenters questioned the validity of Rustad-Ruby. The full conference proceedings edited by Lipkin, including his irreverent daily newsletter, was also published the same month.

May 1962 Physics Today Luke C. L. Yuan, Chien-Shiung Wu, L. Marton, C. Marton, and H. H. Barschall Nuclear Physics, Part A
October 1963 Physics Today Luke C. L. Yuan, Chien-Shiung Wu, and L. J. Lidofsky Nuclear Physics
March 1968 Physics Today Gloria B. Lubkin Visit to Argonne—II: Solid-State, Atomic and Nuclear Physics
May 1968 Physics Today D. Allan Bromley Twenty years of physics: The nucleus
September 1984 Physics Reports Edourdo Amaldi From the Discovery of the Neutron to the Discovery of Nuclear Fission

Survey of history of nuclear science in the 1930s
. Section 3 is beta decay and neutrinos, including a summary of later developments