Selected Image Date Publication Author(s) Citation title Comments
Physics Today Frederick Reines and Clyde L. Cowan Neutrino physics
July 1948 Physics Today George Gamow The reality of neutrinos
December 11, 1957 Physical Review M. Goldhaber, L. Grodzins, and A. W. Sunyar Helicity of Neutrinos

More experimental support for VA; He6 is an outlier.

1958 Investigations in Physics James Smith Allen The Neutrino
November 1958 Physics Today James S. Allen and Arthur H. Snell The Neutrino

Review of James Allen's 1958 book highlights his account of the beta decay experimental history.

1960 M. Fierz and V. F. Weisskopf, editors Theoretical Physics in the Twentieth Century. A Memorial Volume to Wolfgang Pauli

Wu's chapter "The Neutrino," summarizing the history of classical recoil experiments, is cited here.

1984 Physik und Erkenntnistheorie Pauli On the Earlier and More Recent History of the Neutrino

Wolfgang Pauli weighs in on the He6 situation
. Republication of original lecture from 1/21/1957